Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artflick morning workshop #1 - the perception of value in art

Why does some art sell for so much and other art (maybe your own) doesn’t sell for nearly as much? What is the difference between ‘making something beautiful to look at’ and ‘art for art’s sake’? Is the process of making art or the final product the important part? How does the perception of the value of art flow over into other areas of your life (for example, buying something only because of its brand)?

We're going to examine these questions in the first event of my ArtFlick series of Saturday morning workshops. The ArtFlick workshops will begin by watching a movie about a contemporary artist, then discussing the film, and finally creating a piece of art based on the ideas we've talked about.

Saturday, August 6th from 9:30 am until 1:30 pm - We will be watching the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which is about contemporary artists, street art, and the perception of the value of art. It is truly fascinating and informative! (with snacks - who says you can’t have popcorn in the morning?)

After a short break and discussion we’ll gather in my studio for a workshop on creating art that really has some meaning to you. You may find yourself very inspired by the movie (I certainly was!). I will give instruction first on making a mixed media piece using paper, glue, and pastels while discussing both the technical aspects of the composition, and the meaning of your piece. We’ll also discuss what you may want to do with your art once you make it.

$45 for four hours - Workshop fee is for all instruction, supplies, and snacks!
Mary’s Studio

Space is limited so let me know as soon as you can if you plan on attending: