Monday, July 26, 2010

Modern Bamboo

This is a pastel commission I did recently of a beautiful home in southern California.
The architecture was challenging and I not only wanted it accurate, but it was important to paint the landscaping correct too. It’s a gorgeous home in a beautiful, warm setting, the photo taken on a sunny day. I hope you get that feeling when you view this painting.

I like the detail in the center and the edges left rough. It’s important to me to portray the feeling of the place.
Email me if you would like me to do a home portrait for you (a gift for someone) or if you have any comments or questions:


Liz said...

That is gorgeous! I want to be there.

Patricia Lynn said...

Wonderful! You are an amazing artist --

Sandy said...

What a treasure for the owner of the house. Sandy

Liz said...

Because of the edges of the painting being blurry like that, it kind of looks like you had this piece of brown paper and you just magically blew on it and brown dust flew away (turned into moths?) and the house was revealed.

Mary Telfer said...

Liz, that's exactly how I did it!