Monday, August 30, 2010

Ghost Mountain Pastel Triptych

When visiting my cousin last fall near San Diego we went up to Ghost Mountain in the San Borrego desert. I fell in love with the view and took about a zillion photos. This is a pastel triptych I did on sanded paper. Each panel is 11” x 14”.
I started with the background making a smooth, clear sky and made sure to work on all three panels at the same time so there was continuity. I then worked forward putting in the furthest mountains, then the middle ground, then the rocks, cacti, and other plants in the foreground. Email me or leave a comment with your thoughts!


Kathy L said...

Love it MAry... Landscapes are my new favorite thing right now. Triglyph work on this piece is wonderful and super idea.

Liz said...

I want it!

Sandy F. said...

I haven't been to see Ghost Mountain, but it reminds me of some places in Arizona. You nailed it.