Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Artists without Borders

I am so saddened by the closing of so many Borders books stores this past week. "My" Borders in McHenry, and Crystal Lake, IL are two of the 200 stores closing.

I heard that it's because they weren't keeping up with the technology fast enough and B&N was. Well, I want to say in their defense that almost everyone I know prefers Borders, but I guess the numbers didn't work out for them. I DO hope it is somewhere in their plan to come back!

I will try to make it down to the Algonquin store once in a while, but it just won't be the same. I have nothing against that store, it's just that I am fond of the employees I have gotten to know in my local Borders. They are good people who deserve to keep their jobs.

I would go to Borders often. Sometimes to meet friends, sometimes to read (what's better than coffee and books?), and sometimes to work on my artwork. Pictured here are some of my note cards they sold in the McHenry, IL Borders. More on this later... please leave a comment if you will also miss these stores.

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Liz said...

This is so sad. And what an apt title! Borders is a place to hang out, to talk to people, to read, to learn, to buy tons of tea and hot chocolate and books. A group of friends can go there to all hang out together even if one person wants to buy a cookbook, one person has work to do on their laptop, one person wants to flip through magazines and one person just wants to be social and have coffee. Where else can we do all that?

I also hope they come back. I wish I could talk to Borders corporate and that they'd be swayed by the argument "But I LIKE it so much, you CAN'T close!"

Maybe things will turn around and Borders' comeback will be some case study they teach in business school someday...