Thursday, December 27, 2007

Elston's portrait is finished!

Finished at last. To finish I took out some of the shadows on the furthest away leg and some of the body to make sure although there are shadows there, not too dark, because the dog's fur is very white.

Also, rubbed out the white inside the ear of the right side of the page, as it was standing out too bright.

I thought the white strip of back was too severe so I rounded it a little bit - also because it wasn't showing in the photo and I needed to do what I imagined looked correct.

I added details to the grass in the foreground, bits of purple (not PURPLE) just subtly to add interest, not something big that stands out.

Also some more value (lights and darks) to the grass so balance out the lights and darks in the dog and to add interest.

I covered the white foot somewhat because I didn't have a clear photo of one to work from, but also to make the grass more realistic.

In most areas I blended a lot for realism (Brian and his step mom DO want it to look like Elston) but in other areas left pure strokes of pastel to add punch. It is art, afterall, and not a photo so it needs some drama and the artists personality showing through.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Brian and your step mom, and I do hope this portrait does this sweet looking dog justice!


Anonymous said...

Elston turned out great!!! He looks like a beloved pet, which you captured so well.
I'm sure Brian and his step mom will just love it.
-Patricia L.

Bob said...

Wonderful job, Mary. I find the eyes particularly meaningful. You seem to have been able to use the pastels to make them shine in a very real manner. You also did a great job of somehow putting together all of the pieces that you didn't have. Now relax till New Years!