Tuesday, December 25, 2007

whole head forming

I feel pretty good that the whole head is almost done... doing the side of the body and legs will be tricky, but I'll get that posted as soon as I finish.


Bob said...

I follow your blog regularly and have to comment that this is one of the neatest and most instructive things you've done. I particularly was interested in seeing the transformation once you got the shading around the right eye almost done and then when you added the eyes. I need to try more working from top down...I have more of a tendency to work all over the place and probably get too many layers of pastel going. The way you do it seems clean and organized...or as clean as you're going to get with pastels. Looking forward to the next entries

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Bob!
It's looking great. I think because of your deep love for dogs, you capture not only the likeness but the "heart" and that's so important.
Keep up the wonderful work!
-Patricia L.