Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. I can't remember much about Palm Sunday except everyone waving palms at Jesus, praising him... and I think the point was that later that week the same people crucified him. I could be way off, of course - I'm pretty sure I am. : ) I have a very good friend who is a Methodist minister and the Easter holiday came up in an email conversation.

And I (like many others) have been reading "A new earth" by Eckhart Tolle which is very thought-provoking. So, I've been thinking about when people feel MEAN and do mean things to others (like crucifiying Jesus for his beliefs for example) it's ALWAYS their ego involved, isn't it? If someone is ok with themselves they would realize us humans (and animals and plants) are all CONNECTED and when suffering happens to one, it happens to all. (animals are suffering too - if Factory Farming were illegal like it is in many countries there be a lot less suffering.) When people get AWAY from their egos and realize God, themselves, awareness is always in them there's no choice but to have peace - the whole world would have less suffering and fighting. When you're 'conscious' and think about WHERE the meat came from that you put in your mouth or WHY a person said something to you that hurt your feelings and take it for what it REALLY is you'll make a more conscious choice and be less likely to hurt another being.

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