Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fabric Collection Earrings

Fabric Collection Earrings

Earrings inspired by my amazing daughters; Liz for the idea, and Helen for her fabulous collection of designer fabrics.

Fabric earrings with a different designer fabric on each side (in case the wind blows!), surgical steel hooks, lightly coated so they're durable, lightweight & comfortable - each pair different from the other. Complete with a matching giftbox.

Brides - I can make a unique pair for each bridesmaid.
Order 5 pairs, get one free!

A great birthday or graduation gift - or if you don't know what to get someone for International Dadaism Day (July 15th) - what better than a pair of art earrings?
Please forward this newsletter on to anyone who loves a one-of-a-kind gift.
Coming soon - Summer art shows and workshops.
Go to my blogs. One on my own art: or read my comments on the business of art: Check back every day.
For info about classes / workshops/ art shows and more, visit the calendar.

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