Thursday, September 3, 2009

A commissioned pastel - with not much time

A week ago my best friend, Vicki, who wrote a story called 'The first Christmas Stocking' called me and said she needed the cover artwork for the dvd - in two days! She would never have thrown this on me without much notice without a very good reason.

The reason was her producer said 'I need the artwork by Wednesday night.' and Vicki's response was 'What artwork?' - that's what friends are for! I was coming back into town so basically I had less than one day to do this - but she is worth it!

She wanted a stocking (not too Christmassy) and a pouch with gold coins. She wanted the stocking draped - but she didn't know what it should be draped on.

I had to use my imagination and combine Vicki's vision with my vision and hope for the best since there was no time.

Here's my pencil sketch.

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