Thursday, September 3, 2009

'The First Christmas Stocking' by Vicki Lindley Reece

Finished! - as you can see, I changed the arrangement of coins.

Vicki is SO WONDERFUL because she had no idea what anguish I went through getting the coins the way I wanted them - and she told me they were her favorite part! Success!

What I ended up using to get the sharpness I wanted was use an 18 kt. Gold leafing pen by Krylon - it worked right over the pastels! The metalic-ness of the coins shows a lot more and I felt pretty happy in the end.

Although the book and dvd are not for sale yet, email me and I can get you in contact with Vicki if you're interested. This is what Vicki wrote:

"The First Christmas Stocking is based on one of earliest
legends of St. Nicholas, where he saves three girls who
were destitute. Nicholas hears of their plight, and under
the cover of night drops a bag of gold through the window.
Legend has it that it fell into a stocking hanging to
dry. Yes, that is the source of our tradition of hanging
stockings at Christmas!
I took the few paragraphs from "The Golden Legend" and
made up a storyline...and an evil character who steals
their money. Then I did alot of research about the
historical Nicholas, and did my best to stay close to who
he was and what scriptures about giving would have shaped
a young man who later became a priest and bishop and
developed an amazing reputation for giving.
This summer we recorded the voiceovers, and then children
from the town of Jesup, Iowa drew pictures ! We had guidelines
for the characters so that there was continuity from page
to page...with 30 illustrators!
We even found some pictures that my daughters (the
original illustrators) had drawn 10 years ago and
surprised them by including them in the DVD. All the
illustrations are with markers.
Of course I was so thankful that my best friend, and
favorite artist Mary Telfer Holden illustrated the
cover--even on short notice! :) Oh to be so talented!!
I am currently editing a short book to accompany the
story...which is all about giving. The discussions will
be be geared to memories about Christmas, giving, our
hopes, fears and feelings about money and giving.
Included are brief scriptures and prayers, written to
gently transform our hearts as we allow Spirit to work
within us. I believe there will be healing and
generousity released through this project.
I've bought the domain
and hope to launch the story there...
not sure of a timeline yet!
It would be fun if others listen to the story, and create
pictures too!
By the way, I was pregnant when I wrote the story, and
named my daughter after the heroine in the story!"



Kathy L said...

Mary, What a neat project. I love the cover art. What would we do without Krylon gold leafing pens. They are the bomb! And congrats to your friend.

Becca said...

this is great! I've never really worked with pastels but I hear they are very difficult. however, they don't seem to be a problem for you. keep up the great work!

and thank you so much for your comment. It means so much to hear that people actually read and enjoy my blog. :) haha, and yes, I do still work at meijer, unfortuately.

Becca said...

yeah, I plan on going to college, I just really need to figure out what I want to major in. It's a battle between the "practical" (financially secure) or the "follow your dreams and heart and see where they take you" (which to be honest, if I took that path I could end up a homeless bum). I just don't know. It's scary because these decisions effect the rest of your life, and I'm not ready for that yet. :c
but oh well, I guess I still have some time to mull it over.

Becca said...

Thanks so much for your advice and concern. It means a lot to know that some people out there still actually care enough to listen to another stranger. :)
I sent you an e-mail explaining in more detail.
Once again, thanks.