Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So, a squirrel stole my tablecloth...

I'm not kidding. Oh, and I appologize for not blogging this week - I had the flu. So, I haven't done any artwork lately, but needed to tell this story. I'll bet this squirrel is building a very artistic nest with my tablecloth.
I looked out the window and noticed that the squirrel who had already tore up and stole the plastic, yellow and white tablecloth my Aunt Sally gave me for my picnic table was back and taking what was left. I ran to get my camera, and although the photos aren't great, I hope they tell the story.
He started a couple of days ago, ripping it up and stuffing it in his mouth. At one point he was hanging off the table with it shoved in his mouth... I really thought he might be choking. My dogs barked and he ran away, but returned. It was kind of unbelievable so I'm glad I got some photos. Aunt Sally says we'll have to buy him another for next year's nest. : )

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Kathy L said...

Awwww I love it!!! I hope it keeps him/ her warm and dry!!