Friday, November 30, 2007

My new iPod

So, technology is really great, but it's better if you actually know how to use it.

Taking my Shelties for a walk today I decided I would use the iPod my daughter, Helen gave me. She showed me how and I kind of remembered... well, heading out the door I turned it on, but realized I didn't know how to turn it off so I quickly put the headphones in my ears.

Then I realized I forgot how to detach the cord that charges it so it went into my coat pocket... along with a plastic bag, napkins, my gloves, my phone, and my keys. After walking and desperately trying to keep the cords on the iPod from tangling with the Shelties' leashes, and cleaning up after the dogs (Talk about multi-tasking!) I realized the volume went way down and I didn't know how to raise it.

I pulled out my phone and called Helen and asked her how. It worked! but then I'd hear a song I liked and accidentally fast-forward on to the next song... and when finally heading down the hill towards home (gratefully!) I realized my keys had fallen out of my pocket. So, I turned the dogs around to re-trace our steps (very, very cold by this time)... luckily we had to walk not quite half way back when I found them!!!

anyone who saw the big smile on my face might have thought I was having a wonderful time on this cold, but sunny day - but I was actually having a good laugh at myself and couldn't wait to tell this story. : )

It's kind of lame not knowing how to use an iPod, but you have to start somewhere, right? : )

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