Sunday, November 18, 2007

new jewelry

So, last night I made two necklaces. I took some silver I already had shaped and pounded a long time ago and put it with a stone I thought sort of fit, but to be honest I just don't like them. I feel like they're not me or not new or something is wrong... maybe because I formed them a long time ago (maybe a year?) and they're not me now. Anyway... I just stopped and thought I might try again in the morning and sort of just sat there for a while.

Then I got this idea. First I was thinking about what is me now... and I was thinking about how when given the chance what I like to do is really simple, simple landscapes. Then I thought about the stones and how some of them, especially the lighter colored ones are kind of like landscapes. They have interesting little patterns in them. And I remembered once Pat had told me she heard of some jewelry artists using Sharpie markers (because they're permanent) on metal and how it works. So, I thought, ok, why not right on the stone? And actually it was really fun! And I felt sort of like - why mess with the natural beauty of a stone? but actually, why not? So, I'm going to make more and buy some floor wax to coat them in. I wore this one all day.

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